The Case for The Apple Car and Big Tech in Autonomous Vehicles

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Multiple times throughout history we’ve been met with situations where we anticipate the forthcoming of revolutionary technologies.

Recently, the greatest examples of this would be the advent of personal computing and smartphones.

Tesla Autopilot. Source: Tesla

While only a few companies were able to handle the engineering of both hardware and software (namely Apple), most manufacturers relied on software partnerships with companies like Microsoft and Google to bring their products to life.

We now stand at the brink of another revolution readying to disrupt the automotive industry and day by day it’s becoming clearer that the only way for the tech giants to cease the opportunity of autonomous vehicles would be through similar strategic partnerships.

Apple CarPlay. Source: Apple

Tesla seems to be one of those organizations that is doing everything themselves and rightly so, if not for their innovative persistence; God only knows where we would be today. That’s not to say other automakers aren’t aspiring to catchup however.

In order for this to take place, it wouldn’t make sense for every automaker to attempt to recreate their own self-driving technology – just like it isn’t feasible for computer/smartphone manufacturers to each develop their own operating system.

Lucid Air Dream Edition. Source: Lucid Motors

Thus, as vehicles are progressively becoming more comparable to computers and smartphones, the ultimate case for the hardware experts and aspiring startups of the automotive world (Mercedes, BMW, Lucid Motors, etc.) to remain competitive and relevant in a world of autonomous vehicles would be to partner with the software powerhouses that are Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google et al.

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