The Case for The Apple Car and Big Tech in Autonomous Vehicles

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Multiple times throughout history we’ve been met with situations where we anticipate the forthcoming of revolutionary technologies. Recently, the greatest examples of this would be the advent of personal computing and smartphones. While only a few companies were able to handle the engineering of both hardware and software (namely Apple), most manufacturers relied on software […]

Thinking of smart shoes? Meet Kizik. Intelligent hands-free footwear.

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With recent rapid advancements in ‘smart’ technology, it seems that ordinary objects are becoming increasingly intelligent. One aspect of our lives that hasn’t experienced as much innovation however is the fashion and apparel industry. Efforts have been made to make smart shoes however, as ‘smart’ (electronic) technology has specific requirements, this hasn’t proved successful and […]

Back Tap: iOS 14’s New Hidden Button for iPhones

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With Apple’s latest update (iOS 14) many iPhones now have an extra (hidden) button called Back Tap. Features With Back Tap you can have your iPhone call an emergency contact, take a screenshot or run one of your iOS Shortcuts all by simply double or triple tapping the back of your iPhone. Setup Enabling Back […]

Smart Locks: should you really use them to lock your home?

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While smart locks do add convenience to our lives such as being able to remotely lock/unlock/monitor the status of our doors, send keys to friends and family and more, it’s important to realize the security and operational concerns that come with these devices. Operational Concerns The concept of being able to free up pocket/handbag space […]

Is The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Screen too Big?

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With Apple taking a different approach this year and offering more features on the iPhone 12 Pro Max than just a larger screen, to get the full featured flagship you now have to upgrade your phone size too. This doesn’t have to be a problem however. Naturally, as we move to a more keyless and […]

Home Security Cameras. Is the eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt the Ideal Camera?

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Home Security Cameras Let’s begin by saying that we can’t stress how important it is to install home security cameras. The peace of mind that comes along with being able to receive alerts about what’s going on in or around your home is priceless and although we never wish for anyone to go through an […]