Home Security Cameras. Is the eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt the Ideal Camera?

home security camera

Home Security Cameras

Let’s begin by saying that we can’t stress how important it is to install home security cameras. The peace of mind that comes along with being able to receive alerts about what’s going on in or around your home is priceless and although we never wish for anyone to go through an experience where these cameras are needed, the recorded footage in such unfortunate events is invaluable.

The eufy Cam

The eufy 2K Indoor Pan and Tilt Camera is a versatile indoor camera that can be installed in a variety of methods (wall, ceiling, on a shelf, etc) and with it’s pan and tilt functionality offers far more visibility than a standard fixed camera.

home security camera night vision
An example of the eufy cam’s night vision capabilities. Source: eufy

After using the eufy cam as our main home security camera for the past 6 months, we believe we have sufficient experience with it’s strengths and flaws.

Noteworthy Features

  • Instant recording and notifications on motion and sound detection
  • Setting activity zones
  • Decent video quality even in low light settings
  • Two-way communication via the camera’s built-in microphone
  • Dual storage options – cloud and locally via SD card
  • Follows the action via pan & tilt when detecting motion



When considering the previously mentioned feature-set and a price fluctuating around the $52 mark, the eufy 2K Indoor Pan & Tilt is one of the best options for it’s value on the market.

home security camera activity zones
eufy cam activity zones. Source: eufy


Motion Detection Sensitivity

This is really the only issue we have so far with the eufy cam. While its possible to turn the sensitivity threshold down, slight fluctuations in light or an insect flying close to its night vision sensor and causing a reflection may trigger a motion detected event. This hasn’t been a major issue as the camera only switches on at night or when no one is home, we could understand this being an issue for a camera that runs 24 hours and may detect movements outside of a window for example.

home security camera storage options
eufy cam video recording options. Source: eufy


Even considering its sensitivity to motion detection, the pros clearly outweigh the cons and the eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt is definitely not one to be overlooked when researching home security cameras.

Check out eufy’s latest deals here: https://tinyurl.com/y65s8ta2

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