Is The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Screen too Big?

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With Apple taking a different approach this year and offering more features on the iPhone 12 Pro Max than just a larger screen, to get the full featured flagship you now have to upgrade your phone size too. This doesn’t have to be a problem however.

Naturally, as we move to a more keyless and cashless world, we should essentially have more free space in our pockets than before to accommodate a larger phone.

Apple’s new MagSafe wallets make it easier to carry less. Source: Apple

While pocket space may or may not be an issue for some, the main concern we’re hearing is that a larger screen means difficulty reaching all four edges of one’s phone with one hand. This can be understandingly stressful when we only have one hand free and urgently need to get to the Control or Notifications Center.

There are some solutions to this situation however.

With Reachability enabled in the Accessibility settings (Settings > Accessibilty > Touch) you can simply swipe down the Home Indicator line at the bottom of your phone to bring the top of your screen down to the center; giving you easy access to the Control and Notifications Center.

Secondly, with the coming of iOS 14, Apple introduced another new Accessibility feature called Back Tap making it possible to run specific functions by simply double or triple tapping the back of your phone. With Back Tap you can simply double or triple tap the back of your phone to take a screenshot, launch the camera app (or any other App) as well as call an emergency contact. (We recommend triple tap for the emergency contact to avoid any accidental calls).

There you go, two simple solutions to easily control your phone with one hand meaning you shouldn’t have to worry about the larger screen on Apple’s full featured flagship. Now, how about freeing up some of that valuable in-pocket real estate with the new MagSafe Wallet? 🙂

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