Thinking of smart shoes? Meet Kizik. Intelligent hands-free footwear.

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With recent rapid advancements in ‘smart’ technology, it seems that ordinary objects are becoming increasingly intelligent. One aspect of our lives that hasn’t experienced as much innovation however is the fashion and apparel industry.

Efforts have been made to make smart shoes however, as ‘smart’ (electronic) technology has specific requirements, this hasn’t proved successful and long-lasting. Points to consider are safety, battery life and weatherproofing to name a few.

Meet Kizik

Kizik is a forward-thinking Utah based footwear manufacturer who has thought a little differently about how technology should be implemented into the shoes we wear.

With HandsFree Labs’ patented “F.A.S.T.” (Foot Activated Shoe Technology), putting on these shoes is a breeze. Essentially you just slide your feet right in hands-free and we’ll come to talk about the benefits of this technology in just a minute.

Kizik and HandsFree Labs’ F.A.S.T. technology lets you put on your shoes without even thinking about it. Source: Kizik

However, as we love our technology and convenience, we couldn’t help but getting our hands on a pair to try them out. Here’s how they size up.


Considering most of the shoe styles you see walking around town, they don’t stand out as the flashiest shoes you’ve ever seen. But then again, they’re not trying to. With their ever-growing range of models and colorways, we’re sure you’ll find just the right shoe to meet your taste and occasion, formal or not.


They’re not the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear but that doesn’t make them uncomfortable. They work just fine and we haven’t had a problem with comfort in our experience with them over the past 6 months. If you’re really that picky about your comfort then you probably already know about the multiple third party insoles available on the market that you can slip in for added comfort.


This is the flagship feature of Kizik’s shoes. It’s difficult to understand without fully experiencing it for yourself however, the satisfaction of being able to easily slide your feet into your shoes with minimal time and effort is unbeatable. You’ll notice this value especially when you’re in a hurry or going through airport security. All of that and we haven’t even considered the benefits for senior citizens who find great difficulty having to bend down to put their shoes on.

A selection of Kizik’s different models and colorways. Source: Kizik


We don’t see Kizik’s footwear as being substantially more expensive than other shoes on the market and priced even better than some of the other options depending on which style you pick. Subsequently, when considering the technological advantages of Kizik footwear and the ability to put shoes on with minimal time and effort, we think you’re getting an unbeatable value for the price.


Lastly the question comes down to durability. Kizik’s shoes are made of high grade materials and full grain leather on models where it applies, we haven’t found any issue with these shoes over the past 6 months of everyday wear. On top of that, when considering they’re technology has been through over 100,000 tests, we don’t think we have anything to worry about anytime soon.

There you go, we hope we’ve covered every important aspect when it comes to talking about Kizik’s shoes.

Let us know what you think and take $20 off your order when purchasing via this link;

Disclaimer: All shoes evaluated were purchased by Timo’s World and Kizik had no input into this review. Timo’s World may earn commissions from purchases made via affiliate links.

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